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So the other day my best friend sent me a picture from how old. net and it guessed her and J hopes ages right! So i decided to try it on all of BTS...
... according to how old. net all of Bts are girls in their 20's.. except Rap Monster is 11 and Jin is a man. * Anyway, these things are never 100% accurate but it was pretty interesting to try* Lol till next time Vingle fam ♡♡~~
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Rap Monster's mental age when he's not in philosophical genius mode
2 years ago·Reply
I call shenanigans!
2 years ago·Reply
ahaha i used that and it said i was 20 when i was 13 XD
2 years ago·Reply
I should post the picture of it haha 😆😆😆
2 years ago·Reply
Post it girl!! 😉@CindyHolguin
2 years ago·Reply