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So I know this is totally weird and Bizarre here are my peps in my harem dreams. Im most Likly missing some but this is my main people I think of.
Norigami-Yato,Inuyasha-Koga,FairyTail-Gray/Loki/Natsu,Soul Eater-Soul,DeathNote-L,SAO Kirito, and last but not least that The HighSchool OHC-Hikaru and Kauru! I Know Im weird.
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@Sara3 Try making a list of animes you've watched then pick the ones that you absolutely love then look at the characters and choose 10 or below that you wish you were dating
@Yatosgirl Your Characters are the perfect example for my Harem Madness collection I'm revealing my Waifus Every Waifu Wednesday You should totally stay tuned with Harem Madness :) @hikaymm @InVinsybll and I are gonna Collab with my collection and you should to:) the more the better
not weird to have a list of favorites :P don't we all have one?
@hikaymm thanks 😀
@Yatosgirl thanks.but the problem is I can't decide on anybody.there are so many.