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BTS Short Stories is now up on Wattpad. It would be much appreciated if you give it a read. The account name is bangtanbxmb Or you can follow the link: http://w.tt/1Sc11jX
@KeziahWright @chinabarrier16 @Karlythepanda66 @ScarletMermaid @ARMYStarlight @SerenityThao @ninjamidori @Destiny98 Thank you all so much for being the first ones to volunteer your names for the stories. If your story hasn't been uploaded yet, it will be soon. We hope you enjoy them!!!! ^.^
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@Destiny98 sure no problem! I'd be happy to 馃槉
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@HeyImAlly thanks! Can you text me what you want the theme to be and who you want to be with?
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*tell me lol
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if you wanna follow me my name is amoJimin I have a few stories up.
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