Winner's comeback is set at the beginning of February, but they have already been hyping the hell out of their new album. Sometimes I'm a little annoyed by hype, but I am totally buying everything they are selling at this point.
First off, as an entry to Exit, their album, they released a song early written and composed by Mino, with only Mino and Taeyhyun on the track. The teasers were also freaking intense so I added those here as well. WARNING THO THOSE TEASERS HAVE SOME NSFW STUFF IN THEM This song is called Pricked and is literally everything that I have ever wanted from a song. It's quiet, tender, emotional. The blending of Mino's tough voice stripped down and the sincerity of Taehyun's voice go so well together, and the fact that they wait until the very last chorus to add a beat and backing riffs just maintains the overall emotion of the song to me. Nothing like a gorgeous guitar led sad jam to get me going you guys.
Now, they are hyping up their new single that will come out with the album. The song will be called Baby, Baby and you guys... They have been having various artists singing a small bit of it in studio and releasing them for the past few days. SERIOUSLY THIS IS NO JOKE The artists they have gotten, they are not holding back First off was Lee Hi, who was so sultry and brought the most power out of all the covers so far. Then Taefreakingyang, or you know... Taeyang of BIGBANG came out with his that just had all the charm that you think he would bring. Then they stepped outside of yg artists and ZION.T brought his distinct ballad like style and it was so gorgeous I can't help it. I don't know how he made it fit him so well yet still maintain the bones of the song. Only like an hour ago Dean (!!!!) dropped, and his is my favorite so far. I love that they are going all over the rnb scene and not just yg artists. UPDATE NEWEST RELEASE WAS ANOTHER SONG. It's called Sentimental or 센치해 and it was covered by AKMU. I am so in love with it I could die. UPDATE AGAIN The newest cover is done by Katy Kim, an amazingly talented artist YG signed when he found her on K-Pop Star Season 4. Her rendition of Sentimental is super sexy and sultry and just really good. UPDATE 1/27 G-DRAGON DID SENTIMENTAL. Damn they are seriously pulling out all freaking stops. I also love how all these artists are supporting winner and taking the time to do this. Ugh. I love it. UPDATE 1/27ish Epik High is epic. Omg I can't handle it. Their rendition of Sentimental cracks me the hell up. What a bunch of freaking idiots. I don't know who else will release any, but I'm so stoked I could scream. Again. Anyway.
Baby Baby and Sentimental sneak previews!!! The making of videos that they just released, I'm so obsessed with the sound of these songs I had to watch both videos twice to hear the song in the back and pay attention to the videos. Sentimental seems like so much fun and I'm really excited to see that mv. Baby baby is a bit more serious seeming and we seen Hoonie totally getting it with some girl! WOO get it baby boo. UPDATE 1/29 I DID NOT KNOW THIS WAS HAPPENING HOLY SHIT SORRY FOR THE SWEARING. So Taehyun's solo I'm Young (this boy is so talented wtf) is having an mv too. And like... It looks amazing. Mini movie type mv. Gosh. From what I saw on this making of video, I'm stoked.


I can't even deal right now. I don't own any of this brilliance.

I'm dying inside tbh.
I'M SCARED AF. I just need Seungyoon to drop his teaser anytime now kkkkk.
I'm excited
@MorganElisabeth dude Yoon needs to just sing to me. Then I shall be happy. (Except low key happy now floating on Dean's little cover for now)
@XergaB20 watch the covers! They are so freaking amazing, I am way too excited for their new songs.
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