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I'm at it again. This time it's my brother. After being home from college for a month I finally got him to join the dark side.
My brother went back to college. When I was taking him back he goes "It will be nice to hear my own music instead of your." I was instantly offended "like how dare you insult my Kpop when I caught you singing Shinhwa's Sniper." oh and the two wrongs don't a make right is in regards to how my dog farts in rooms with everyone and sneaks out. so someone in my house did it to him and he was offended.
He added Big Bang Still Alive to his playlist. He claims he only wanted one or two songs but ended up with the whole album. That doesn't happen on accident. Another fan is been born.
@ashleyemmert thank you ma'am
@ARMYStarlight the struggle is real! Jimin does that to people my mom loves Jimin too! And I keep telling her no that Jimin JHOPE and suga are off limits to her lol 😂😂
omo I did that with my mom....but she is exclusively a Baby because I tried showing her Bts and she got mad at me screaming to show her B.A.P heh....but I also got my two sisters in Bts and one of them only loves Jimin
Proud of you!!!
You're doing gods work ❤️
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