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so i've been a kpop fan for a long time and i noticed something i hAVE A LOT OF SHIPS LIKE A LOT so then i thought whY DIDNT I MAKE A CARD FOR THIS YET so here i am
my favorite ships in BTS are namjin, vkook, vmin, and yoonmin yeah i know i have a lot of ships dONT JUDGE ME
my favorite ships in Seventeen are meanie of course and jeongcheol tbh meanie is canon and you can't tell me otherwise
i recently got into got7 (lmao) but i do know i ship mARKSON SO HARD WHAT okay but honestly i ship them so hard i was texting one of my friends today and we had an argument about markson or markjin BUT MARKSON IS REAL
okay my computer is being weird and i can't add anymore gifs at the moment so imma make another card after this
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Markson is so real they ship themselves with each other. More canon than that... I love Namjin... they are just too perfect for each other.