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So I'm gonna try writing my first fanfiction? this is part 1 and if people like it, I guess I'll continue. Leave me feedback~ it'll be mostly Suga & Jimin focused.
Two naked chests rose and fell in sync, soft pants escaping past wet, parted lips. Their bodies were strewn over a full sized bed with limbs awkwardly tangled together as evidence of their intense affair revealed itself along their pale complexions in the form of angry red bruises. A hand print here, a bite mark there, a few scratches dispersed along soft skin was some of the many ways the two lovers displayed their physical affections. Her voice was quiet but rang in his ears, a reminder of the sin they were committing. "We have to tell him." "Jagi, do we have to talk about this again? I'm happy, here with you in my arms. I don't want him to ruin this." His voice was soft, a whisper along her skin as his lips once again found their way to her jawline, leaving the gentlest of kisses in an effort to distract her and himself. "I can't do this much longer, I can barely look him in the eyes." His arm snaked around her waist and she melted against his chest, a sad smile appearing on her lips. "But once he sets those puppy eyes on you, you'll be putty is his greedy little hands. It's not fair jagi! I love you better. I treat you right. He treats you horribly, yet he has you so deep in his sick game, you fall back to him every time he calls for you." His grip on her became tighter, anger seeping into his words. She tried to speak but he cuts her off before a sound leaves her mouth. "He doesn't deserve you.. you're far too precious." He closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath. "If we tell him, how will he react?" A sigh passed her lips before she placed a comforting hand on his side, bringing him closer to her. "I don't know Yoongi, but it's time we found out. I don't want to lie and be secretive anymore. I want people to see us, together. I want to be free." It was his turn to sigh as he buried his face in the crook of her neck, practically spitting out the bitter words. "If he tries anything, I'll kill him. I swear, brother or not, Jimin has crossed the lines far too many times." The conversation ended there and the lovers were relatively quiet for a while before they began filling the midnight air with drawn out moans that echoed through the hotel hallways, the sound of the shaking bedframes and once or twice the calling of each others names, leaving no questions about their activities.
oooooooooo myyyyyy glllloooooooopppp i can't believe this like is he really having an affair with his brothers chic!! tag me please! i gotta read some more
Can you please tag me in future stories!
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I'll definitely read part 2 if you write it