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So with a lot of my city shutting its doors early because of the freaky blizzards I decided to binge watch a few shows. First up is this tidbit that decided to slip by me a few years ago. Nura rise of the Yokai clan. So far I am enjoying it. The animation isnt super great but the story is cool. Kinda like watching a gangster samurai show.
And oh my god she cute. Yuki ona is my favorite girl so far. I want that hair.
Then there is our hero, I am enjoying his struggles and seeing his growth. I kinda want them to turn up the heat though, really put him through a trial. And here I was worried this was going to be a Negi dupe. ^_^.
I've recently started watching. Only about 12 episodes in though.
Lol I heard about it but just never watched it
it is good but so many plot twists (*falls on the floor*)
Yay! im so glad you are enjoying this! its one of my favorites and almost nobody has heard of it.