Now, after seeing pics of Yijeong and his selcas with blonde hair, I'm sold.
He's a man now. There's little to no more baby Yijeong left in him. I wasn't fully convinced by his rude shirtless pics (oh were they rude!) saying he's just a 'bagel boy'.
At first his selcas were a mix a cute and handsome. I could handle it.
Then they changed. I wasn't ready for any of them. Plus the fact that the 2nd photo here you see a bit of Kyungil and imma say...shirtless....(Good job Yijeong!) Hesitated clicking that IG notification sometimes (it shows a preview but still lol)
The pink/peach color left and blonde entered. It changed my thoughts about him. He looks sexy!!!!! SEXY I TELL YOU! And that jawline....don't get me talking about that. It look like it could cut your damn finger!
So, in conclusion, I am confessing.
I see Jang Yijeong as a man now.
The End.
same same. it wasn't until Lost Promotions that I started coming to terms with his manliness. ... now he bumped his way up past Jaeho as my bias wrecker....
I accepted it. it was a useless battle to resist it. he's a man now. 馃槩 wasn't ready but accepted it
@LeeKyungil Good good! It makes the power ship even better XD
@VixenViVi I was just in a denial phase. I'm accepting it now lol
Hes been a man to me XD Him and Kyungil complete me 銋嬨厠