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"For the person to protect me for possibly my entire life, I have chosen...Jimin"
"Of course she picked me! Told ya so Hoseok!" Jimin started jumping on his bed.
"Aish, you're going to break it if you keep jumping!" Jin looked at him with concern.
"Why'd you pick him? He might not be able to protect you if someone attacks you!" Jungkook looked so sad, but I had made up my mind.
"Kookie, don't get upset. I'm just someone who caught her eye." Jimin gave a small pat on the back to the maknae. The others complained too except Jin.
"She can choose who she wants." Jin's voice cut through the arguments. "It was her decision on who to pick." Jin gave a small smile to me but there was some sadness there too.
"Y/N! I will protect you with all my might! And I swear that those guys won't take you!" He then sat down behind me and put his hand on my shoulder. "I will protect you." He whispered into my ear. Everyone continued their own conversations. I was talking to Jin about cooking in Korea and Jimin came up to me. "Y/N, how would you like to take a tour of Seoul tomorrow?"
"That sounds like fun!" Jimin smiled and went back to talking to Namjoon about tomorrow. A few minutes later e came back over. "Have you ever had ddeokbokki?" I shook my head and he went back to talking to Namjoon. And he came back after some discussion. "Have you ever been to the North Seoul Tower?" I shook my head again. I started to talk to Hoseok about unknown but delicious noodles. Jimin came back for the last time to ask me a question. "Have you ever actually been to South Korea besides this time?" I shook my head again. "That must be why! Alright, that's my last question."
"It's 12 o'clock and we should get up early to get to downtown Seoul at a good time. So go to your rooms and get some sleep." Jin helped Namjoon up and walked to his room. I noticed Yoongi wasn't around. I'm assuming he already went to bed. Jimin walked over to his desk in the room and took out a little, blue memo book. He grabbed a pen from a basket and started writing in it. Probably lyrics or ideas for their next album.
I got ready for bed and went to the bathroom. Jimin was walking out of the bathroom and noticed me walking up. He didn't say anything, but he smiled and shook my shoulder. I watched him walk back to his room then walked into the bathroom to clean up. For some reason, I got into deep thought about Jimin. Is he the right choice? It felt right, an unexplained feeling. After finishing up I went back to my room. As I was walking in I spotted Jimin standing at my desk.
"Jimin, what's up? You need something?" Jimin shook his head and scurried out and down the hall. As he went by I noticed that he was blushing red. I looked at my desk where he was standing at when I walked in. Maybe he just went in and didn't have enough time to leave. My desk is on the other side, so it is understandable. On the desk was a little blue memo book like the one he was writing in earlier. I was going to open it but there was a knock on the door. "Yes? Come in!"
Jimin walked into my room looking very embarrassed. "Um, I'm sorry that I came into your room without permission. I just wanted to give you that so you can write down your experiences with us. I didn't know what to do, so I thought I would just leave it in here." He looked down and backed away towards the door.
"Oh, thanks Jimin!" I knew he was getting uncomfortable but I ran across my room and hugged him. "I believe that you will protect me." I let go and closed the door as Jimin walked away stunned. I walked back and put the memo book on my desk and went to bed.
I shot up sitting straight. It was just a dream, it was just a dream, it was just a dream. What a crazy dream. In the dream the boys got caught by the bad guys. I had a knife and tried to throw it at the one that was holding Jimin. My knife throwing skills were horrid and I accidentally hit Jimin in the head and killed him. When I recalled the memory I started to cry. Jimin came into my room and turned the light on in my room.
"Y/N? Why are you crying? We haven't done anything to hurt you yet! Have we?" I shook my head while the tears flowed down my face. He wiped my tears and held me until I stopped.
"Better?" I nodded. "Now, why were you crying? Are you getting homesick already?"
"It was because of a dream, it's fine. It just made me really upset." I set my forehead on his shoulder.
"What was your dream? It must've been bad if it brought you to tears." He started petting my hair while he listened.
"Well, it was about those guys from the facility. We were fighting them off and they somehow managed to get you guys."
"That wouldn't happen. Not in a million years." He slightly shook with laughter.
"Whatever, this was dreamland. Anyways, I had a knife and I was going to throw it at the guy who have you."
"Why was it me? You were going to save me first?"
"Shush, I don't know. I threw it and instead of hitting the guy, it hit you in the head and I killed you."
"Now I know why. Killing someone would bring anyone tears even if it was just a dream. Unless it's a serial killer."
"I think I picked you to save first because you are the one who's going to protect me. I would need you to help me get the others out." I lifted my head and looked at him.
"True. Done with your rant?" I nodded and he got up. "Lemme get some water for ya. After crying as much as you did, you're gonna get dehydrated." He walked out while I sat there thinking. After a minute or two he returned with two cups of water. He handed me one and drank the other. We sat on my bed talking about what I did at the facility. For some reason he is interested about what I did there. The year that I hated. We finished drinking all our water and finished our conversation. Jimin took my cup and his to the kitchen and returned to my room. I told him he could go back to his room to sleep since it was now 3:28. He said that he would stay until I fell asleep so I wouldn't have any nightmares.
I agreed and laid down. He turned off my light and sat beside my bed on the chair. He really did stay until I fell asleep. Every now and then he would listen to see if my breathing slowed to sleep mode. When I finally did I could faintly hear him say, "Goodnight, beautiful."
"Hello~~~" I woke up to Jimin sitting in on the chair with his head propped up on his hands.
"It's morning now! Time to wake up." I sat up and patted his head and got up.
"Why are you in my room?" I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock. 9:27.
"I was told to wake you up since you weren't up already. Now stop asking questions and let's go eat." He pulled me out of my room and into the dining area. Everyone was sitting at the table except Jin who was cooking. "She's up!" Jimin announced to the group. Everyone greeted us enthusiastically except Yoongi who just nodded and mumbled a greeting.
"Y/N, we're having steak with egg, noodles, and kimchi. Sit down, it'll be ready soon." Jin smiled and asked Namjoon to get the drinks.
"Hm? Namjoon said you couldn't cook breakfast and not very well in general." Namjoon turned red while everyone stared at him.
"Excuse me? Kim Namjoon! What did you say about my cooking?!" Jin got angry at Namjoon and started intimidating him.
Namjoon shrunk down and responded innocently with, "Your breakfasts aren't very good some days and your food can be dry. I'm just sayin'!" Jin backed away to the stove and talked to me.
"Next time Namjoon talks about my food, ignore it unless it is praise. He probably just said that because he can't cook." Namjoon nodded sadly. "Plus he burns literally anything he makes. Don't eat whatever he makes." Jin got the food on the table and the boys ate almost all of it in 5 minutes.
"Tae, do you think she knows how to sing Chris Brown songs?" Jungkook looked at me and to the other members.
"She lost her memories so she probably doesn't remember much of her life in America." Jimin said with a bite of kimchi.
"Actually, I got my memories back last night. I woke up just being able to remember stuff." I said shyly. Hoseok smiled and applauded for my unintentional achievement. Yoongi looked awake for the first time this morning. Tae made a series of sounds with his mouth full. The others cheered in between bites.
"So can you or not sing Chris Brown songs?" Jungkook seemed interested if I could or not. I shook my head. He looked disappointed and continued eating. They all finished and went to clean up for our day in Seoul. I helped Jin clean the kitchen then went back to my room to change. I picked a white shirt with a black feather, black pants, and my red converse. (first picture) I brushed my hair and walked to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and cleaned my face.
I walked to my room and sat at on my chair in the center of the room. This room is so bare, I should customize it soon like the boys. Right now there's only white walls with a closet with a mirror on it. Other than that is a bed with gray sheets and a quilt. My bag that held my clothes was kicked in the corner. With my memories back, I could put pictures up. I wonder if I can contact my mom and get her to send a few of my things. I pushed that thought away for now and looked out the window.
It's so nice here, plus it's a wonderful day outside. I guess I'm spending the next 6 months here. I was stuck in thought when Jin yelled that we have 10 minutes left. Time goes by fast. I set the chair back at my desk and straightened my room up to waste time. I finished up pretty quickly at sat at my desk. Jimin's notebook was sitting in the corner of the desk alone. On the other side of the desk was a light blue pen with a white end and clip. It's not mine since I only have a pencil and plastic pen from a stand yesterday.
Jimin must have given it to me. He couldn't have forgotten it last night since he didn't have much of a reason to be carrying a pen. On the pen in silver words was "For you.." It must be for me. I placed it with my other writing utensils. I looked at the notebook that Jimin wrote in yesterday. At least, it looked like it. It looked the same. But there was writing on the front, there wasn't any yesterday. Maybe he wrote it after I left. My name was written very neatly on the front and on the back on the cover was my name again. But there was something else below it.
"Y/N. I will not fail her, even if it kills me."
Bonus chapter for today. Hope you are enjoying the story. Remember that feedback and suggestions are needed, so tell me! Suggestions for the story line and for Hoseok and Namjoon are especially needed. This is fun, writing this. Buing~
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