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I'm just making this bc I'll forget and I need to let off some steam. Ok in Technology & Engineering class, a student asked if they needed to write down their name & the teacher made a joke on only if they don't put down a street name. ........And now he has a street name which is......wait for it ..........wait for it..........: SHORRY SHORRY ICE ICE!!! :D Well then hehe. During Choir, I decided to have some fun & to sit on the floor in the middle of chairs and wait. So during class on the other side of the room 2 boys noticed and started laughing out loud and the teacher was like: da fuck O-O. So during practice we had to sing this song that sounds haunting so I decided make it a little creepier and pulled a tube outta my ass (kidding I took a piece of paper and rolled it up) & started making weird noises hehe. Now on to the part where I need to let off steam. My friend is now 8n the hospital due to problems with his eyes & this rude bitch put a rude comment: "Lol that's what you get you fucking demon bitch"- Rude bitch. My friend is very sensitive & the bitch is a complete stranger. WTF!
Anyway. Hope u have a good day Vingle Family!!!~♡ May all your cheesecake be with you!~♡^^
@ninjamidori Thanks but it was a guy. Anyways it ok I made sure he shut up and left my friend alone. Thank You again I'll make sure to tell him (my friend )~♡
That girl was so rude!!! I hope your friend gets better soon <3