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Started by @JamiMilsap - the game is simple: 1. Create a card about any drama you want - hopefully not too obscure though 2. Give any combination of hints using photos, gifs, OSTs, parodies, or descriptions 3. Whoever guesses the answer first gets to create the next card! I tried to make this as difficult as I could lol. I really hope I did this right I had to look back at recent ones to get an idea but here goes. Good luck everyone!
Hint #1: The main leads go bungee jumping!!! whooo! wish I was them! young love. . . .
Hint#2: The male lead proposes to the female lead at a planetarium!!! how romantic When the leads were young they talked for the first time at a planetarium and he realized she was blind.
Hint #3: When the male lead leave his girl for the first time after many years of not seeing each other , the female lead rushes to the airport to stop him and while she cant find him she blows the whistle that's is suppose to bring him back to her. . . . . .
I hope I didn't make his too hard or to easy and hopefully it make sense if it doesnt I apologize in advance. @JamiMilsap @KDSnKJH @sherrysahar @VeronicaArtino @Emilotrevino @seouls @Kamiamon @dominika @SaraHanna @Yongsongmi @TanyaGautam @humairaa @RosaArgueta @krin @GenesisZiporrah @PrettieeEmm @keziahwright @ercurrent @ ashleyemmert
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@SandraMirafuent 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
It's ok @SandraMirafuent I didn't know this one lol 馃槀 this drama is still on my list of ones to watch. But you can keep tagging me in the future!
@KDSnKJH I love Lee Sang Yoon
I want to apologize to @ashleyemmert I accidentally put a space between the tag and I could tag you in it I tried to go back and edit it so it can tag you but it keep telling it failed I'm sorry I didn't mean to.
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