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I'm lateeeeeeeeeee but it's better late than never.

1. Selfie

Noun. Informal
A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or Webcam and shared via social media.
I don't selfie, but when I do it has red light (thanks LIFX) and my hair hasn't been taken care of. Sorry for that hair.

2. Dream crush

1/4 Polish 1/4 Austrian 1/4 German 1/4 Czech.
Current Wonder Woman.
2 years in Israel Defense Force
A Miss Universe Contestant
Enough said :)

3. Current Status

Current status at the moment.
For some people it's sucks, people will ask you when are you getting a partner, husband/wife, married, etc.
For me, it's just me learning about life. Picking up hobbies, the chance to travel, to learn about other culture, etc. Single doesn't mean I'm closed off, just means player 2 hasn't join the battle and I get chance to rack up high score.

4. Most Romantic Memory or Story

A. Wake up!!! Get changed, don't get ready, just get changed.
B. Where we going?
A. Places.
Places (on that day)
Adjective, noun, and verb.
Brunch at an awesome cafe that's unheard of. Strolling at Park, followed by movie. Sharing an umbrella and carrying her over a puddle and 3 flights of stairs. Cuddle with hot chocolate and HIMYM

5. What Do You Look For In A Partner?

Good question.
To find out I took this quiz and was informed my match is an Executive.
But honestly, I look for someone is open minded, honest, and wants to learn about life with me. My mind races with ideas, thoughts, dreams, scenarios, and observations. It would be nice to have someone I can share that with and to also have a person that can teach and also learn with me. And travel. And eat food.
Hello! This card is awesome haha I love how you get to the point cx that's good though! Nice to meet you :)
Enjoy your relationship with freedom, sir.
@Chrisingularis hello, nice to meet ya 😀
I love this!! I'm glad that you did it, @Chrisingularis!! I LOVE your description of your "current status". Doesn't it get old how everyone assumes "single" is akin to a death sentence? Why can't we embrace that time in our lives? I've always tried to. I've also tried to teach my son that being alone and independent is good, too. You know? "Player 2 hasn't joined the battler..." YES. 💜
@nicolejb WONDER WOMAN. Well she plays wonder woman in the upcoming movie. Gal Gadot... Also in fast and furious
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