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BAMBAM our IGOT7 other Maknae. the mischievous one haha.. he is so adorable. .Honestly I thought he was the group's Maknae. .not only because he is the most playful one but he also looks more babyish. .look at that baby face and those cheeks wonder why BamBam Is Markson's favorite Maknae they always playing with him.. in my opinion they spoil him more.. haha..
He is very stylish and all because he wants to be like our KING of kpop GD one day ..yeah is not only Kookie that looks up to him BAMBAM too.
yep.. he is also very sexy when he performs .. hey he can do those girls group dances better than them..haaha in my opinion.. those long legs makes him look more attractive..
BamBam is supposed to be in that picture but I don't see him do you?? and the second picture I see no difference haha..that face..he wants too look evil but he can't haha.
He is Just too adorable.. and yes he does believes he is the cutest.. and. ant stay aways from. the mirror or his selfies haha
Did I mention he Markson's favorite Maknae. .yes I did right. .look following pics
yep ...and I do think they spoil and protect him like
Mark playing with BamBie..haha I just made that up.. (BamBie) it sounds good tho.
see this first picture.. have you seen it before?.. that's Jackson hugging BamBam don't know what happened . . isn't that protection? the favorite baby.. aaww. .
he to piceless
Bambam is. too cute for me
@MaricelvaRomero yeah.. that's what it was.. their Favorite Maknae lol.. they spoil him and play with him and protect him more.. than YugYeom. .I think is more because they are the foreigners and BamBam was so young away from his family. and all..
All I thought about when you said Markson's favorite , I just thought so it's Markson's kid , mama mark, daddy Jackson and son Bambam, now it makes sense lol @luna1171