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Woops, I realized I haven't done this challenge yet lol. MY BAD @allobaber. So I am going to do it noawwww.

1) Selfie

That's meeeeee!

2) My Dream Crush

I would say hands down it would be William Levy. This would be looks only obviously. I just melt and crumble every time I see a photo of William Levy -- I just can't help it!

3) Current Status

I am currently single -- however, I am currently dating someone who I think it pretty awesome! We'll see where it goes! :-P

4) Most Romantic Memory or Story

I honestly don't have many, or at least I can't remember any right now. But one of my ex-boyfriends really got to the bottom of what I like when we first started dating. He found out that I like history and art. So, what he did was take me to a museum, we talked about sculptures, then he took me to a rooftop overlooking the city and talked about the art in the buildings we saw (he was studying architecture at the time).
I just like it when people put effort into finding out what I enjoy. :-)

5) What I Look For In A Partner

The most important things I look for are: someone who's respectful, funny, positive, ambitious/ hard working. Those things are like KEY for me. I am not very specific when it comes to physical appearances (I don't really have a type). But I do like guys who take care of their health. Bonus points to dudes who are passionate about lifting weights/fitness!
Yaaayyyyy. I'm glad you got around to it hehehe
Ahhh you and William Levy. lol. I love how unapologetic you are <3 welcome to the love bug clan.