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You and Jungkook both look at each other, as your tears roll off your chin he wipes off your tears and kisses your cheek.. He rests his chin on your head as you bury your head into his chest.. You guys were like that for a while until you realize that class was gonna start soon, You push Jungkook back softly.."We got to go to class later oppa..I have to go to math and you have to go to science.." You told him sadly.. He grabs your hand, you look up at him and smile..
"I don't care if I am late to my first class on my first day, I'll walk to all of your classes even if you push me away I'll always be here for you, (Y/N), If you ever need a shoulder to cry on." After he says that he walks you to class with his arm wrapped around your waist.. You blush on the way...You guys are in front of your math class, "I'm gonna miss you cutie.." He whispers to you... He puts his hand on the side of your head, Making you lean into his face... You get scared as your leaning into him...Your thinking to yourself, How did I get myself into this? Out of all the girls, He wants to kiss me? What would he think after the kiss? Will he ask me out? You were about an inch away from his soft lips but then the teacher is standing in front of you
"Hey, No PDA before class.." Jungkook doesn't care but he just kisses your cheek instead.. As he walks away he turns to you and smiles at you while he is blushing and gives a wink...
After class, You were walking down the hall and you see your locker so you go and put some of your things away, as you were puting things away you felt a warm touch behind you and a soft touch on your cheek...Jungkook nuzzled his head into your neck.. He whipsers into your ear softly,"Hey, Come over to my house after school?" I have to ask you something.. "Okay.."
He kisses your neck repeatingly, you felt his excitement on your body... You turn towards him and he looks at you and smiles as he puts both of his hands on your waist nad he leans in to kiss you but before he can you put your index finger on his lip his eyes become bigger as he looks you... You nod your head side to side to tell him no.. He looks at you with disapointment.
As you turn back around to do what you were doing.. He justs wraps his arms around your waist and nuzzling into your neck as you both shift side to side... "What are you doing, Jungkook?" You ask him shyly... "Showing you my love.." He whispers to you sexily...
After school, you meet up with Jungkook, as you turn around to look for him, you hear something in front of you so you turn around to see Jungkook right in front of you smiling... You were scared by Jungkook's sudden appearence..So you slap him lightly.."Owww,That hurt me cutie..." He says as he pretends to be injured... You laugh and you guys start to play fight with each other.. Jungkook got tired of it and decided to pick you up bridal style... You nuzzle into his neck and kiss his neck... He turns his head to you and cocks an eyebrow... "Cutie, You're not supposed to do that, you have to wait until later then we can.." He said jokingly...He sets you down and asks you a question,"Will you go on a date with me tonight?" He asks you shyly as he rubs the back of his neck.. "Yes, I'd love too Oppa..." You told him and he looks at you and hugs you..."I thought you would say no.." He whispers into your ear------
About 7:30, You were ready for that date.. You wore a black dress with black knee high socks and black boots... Jungkook arrives and walks up to the door and knocks on the door...You walk over to the door and open it up confidently, posing for him, trying to look cute.."Wow, I'm speechless you look beautiful..." He says as he blushes hardly, making his face look like a tomato..."Aww, thanks Oppa, You don't look bad yourself.." You told him as you smile.."Shall we go?" he asks you...You nod in return and he grabs and holds on to your hand.. You guys were walking and You see a cute, fancy dinner... "This is the date.." He told you as he looks at you..You smile at him as you guys walk in to your reserved table... You both order the same thing, Pasta with a salad and bread...Classic... "Ugh, Oppa, I feel fat and bloated.." He looks up at you, "Fat and bloated are the same thing but you aren't neither of those things, You are perfect, you just don't know it.." You look down and smile at the floor but suddenly you were facing Jungkook cause he forced your chin to tilt upwards,"You have a lil something on your lips" You felt embarrased and picked up a napkin to clean yourself.."Hey, that's dirty, let me get that.." He said before he was inches away from your face.. You felt a soft touch on your lips...He was a good kisser, he knew what to do...He pulls away to breathe.."Are you done?" He asked you confidently..You respond with a yes...You stand up and walk towards Jungkook, putting your arm around his...He kisses your forehead as you guys leave the building..Soon you guys were back at your house...Jungkook holds your hand like a princess as you both walk up the steps...
"I had a great time, Oppa, Thank you.." You told him as he holds your hand pulling you in closer.."So did I, Cutie.." After he said that he gives you a passionate kiss... You both look at each other and He looks at you with a smile asking, "Hey, will you do me the honour and be my Cutie?" You responded.."Yes, Of course.." He hugs you and repeatingly kisses your neck.."I thought you'd say no, I was nervous." He whispered in to your ear, You look up at him and give him a peck kiss...As he walks off the steps he yells at you.."Hey!!" You turned around and you see him making a heart with his hands yelling, "I Love You, (Y/N)" You yell back "I Love You Too."

He is wrecking my bias list and I am trying to be faithful to J-Hope but no he ruins it for me!!

I also want to be faithful to j-hope it just keeps getting harder and harder Idk what to do I'm going to try to stay faithful to j-hope until the end but that's going go be really hard πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ please keep tagging me πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
tag me please sorry i just love these!
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