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womans i couldnt really do the feet, sorry. ( same for the men)
men for some reason i couldnt stop laughing. .......
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they're all pretty good. ^-^ the top right corner with the legs crossed needs a little tweaking. the bottom of the upper leg is too low and the hip opposite of it is too high. if you fix those that positron will be perfect. ^-^ your forshortening of the leg is great!
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the top right corner, with the one leg in front of the other. the hips are just uneven. that's all ^-^
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other than that I think you're doing a wonderful job at it!!!! Especially considering you're just learning and stuff. :) the human figure is a very difficult thing to draw, you're doing excellent. so keep up the good work!!!!!! :3
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thank you soo much i really appreciate it. ^-^
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Anytime. ^-^
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