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So I've been tagged countless times and I'm only starting now πŸ˜«πŸ™πŸΌ I know I know I'm sorry!! So as the title says this is actually a few songs from my Down in the Dumps/Rain on the Window playlist. It's for those days when I'm really sad or depressed. They make may be pretty slow songs and some even sadish but they actually make me feel better. So the rules are: -To make a playlist with at least 5 songs following a certain theme. -Tag the BulletProof team in the card, @MadAndrea, @amobigbang, @BulletproofV, @CreetheOtaku, @ VKookie47, @SugaOnTop, @thePinkPrincess -And have fun and be creative!!!!

#1. Wi Ing Wi Ing μœ„μž‰ μœ„μž‰- Hyukoh

I love Hyukoh. Oh my god. I love the feel, the beat,and let's not forget his voice! This song makes me sit and evaluate my life and wish for rain so I can stare outside like a typical tumblr post.

#2. Deathbed- Relient K

The lyrics to the song is a bit sad especially with its slow start but it never fails to make me sing along. I'm pretty sure I know the whole song by heart now.

#3. Whalien 52- BTS

Oh my glob. This song....this song. It gives me sooo much pain, so much heartache but it also gives me so much love. When I say this song represents me to the T I'm not lying. All my life I've always felt alone even in a crowded room or surrounded by friends I'm alone. Yet while I'm sad, I'm also ok. I don't mind being alone at times. I do feel like an outcast. Like a lonely whale. Anyway this song is life and makes me happy yet sad but I love it. It's my fave song. EVER.

#4. Run- BTS

Now this song makes me smile when I hear it. Yet those vocals!! T.T those vocals (in the words of my sister) they "snatch ma weave". Lol

#5. Goodnight Moon- Go Radio

Lord this song. Another one I've had on repeat when I'm really down.

#6. Four Letter Words- I The Mighty

Ok this song (and practically anything by I The Mighty) gives me the feels and make for good post breakup repeats. I can't listen to this without it playing at LEAST 4 times.

#7. I Won't Say I'm Ok- Front Porch Step

Another one that got me through my last breakup. (I just can't with these songs). My life was made so much better by it.

#8. Dreamer (Acoustic (specifically)- I The Mighty

This song HAS to be repeated 10 times or more before I'm content. It just speaks to me. I occasionally have old memories resurface and this is a go to song.

#9. I Need You- BTS

This song made me cry the first time I heard and watched the full/original MV.

#10. Island of The Misfit Boys- Front Porch Steps

Sadly I don't have a picture for this one (or the next one). This song. It's so sad and tugs at my heartstrings but it makes for a good cry. I had this on every time I need to get over something I remember or can't emotionally handle.
#11. Butterfly- BTS Lol a lot of BTS This song is so sad to me and Jin's voice just gives me hope and love and I can't.
So this was my playlist. I have so many more but I didn't want to bore you guys with to much. This (besides my purely Asia) playlist is one of my most played playlist and this is a few songs from it.
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nice picks....thanks for participating