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1 like: country: Murica :D (aka USA) 5 likes: name: Veronica 8 likes: first friend on AA: ... I never made one cx 12 likes: surname: Moreno 15 likes: age & birth: ... (x 19 & 1996 (I know I'm old TwT) 20 likes: Hobbies: those are cx Reading manga, studying photography and watching Anime... 22 likes: genre dilike: never was a fan of Magical girl cx 25 likes: Anime crush: .... O////O ah I DONT HAVE ONE.. Kaneki >\\\> 30 likes: favorite character: Sasori 40 likes: Anime that made me cry: Many made me cry cx .. the one I'm still stuck on .. (x Tokyo Ghoul..... (TwT why Kanaki he was your friend ;-;) 45 likes: favorite genre: . Horror and Action .... :D yeah!
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@begone no prob
@EasternShell ah no snow here :) thanks xD
@JakeErter thank you x)
@begone You are so lucky. I felt the cold and changed my mind about going out.
nice to get to know you