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1 like: country: Murica :D (aka USA) 5 likes: name: Veronica 8 likes: first friend on AA: ... I never made one cx 12 likes: surname: Moreno 15 likes: age & birth: ... (x 19 & 1996 (I know I'm old TwT) 20 likes: Hobbies: those are cx Reading manga, studying photography and watching Anime... 22 likes: genre dilike: never was a fan of Magical girl cx 25 likes: Anime crush: .... O////O ah I DONT HAVE ONE.. Kaneki >\\\> 30 likes: favorite character: Sasori 40 likes: Anime that made me cry: Many made me cry cx .. the one I'm still stuck on .. (x Tokyo Ghoul..... (TwT why Kanaki he was your friend ;-;) 45 likes: favorite genre: . Horror and Action .... :D yeah!
@xDaisyDaysx x) I couldn't tag the rest who liked and don't know how to link it
nice to get to know you
@begone You are so lucky. I felt the cold and changed my mind about going out.
nice to meat ya
You live in Murica? Me too. 馃榾 If you're on the east coast you might be 2" deep in snow. I don't like cold, but I'm gonna find my gear and make a snow Angel. Then have a snowball fight. You're not old. I'm older:)) This was cool. Nice too meet another Vingler.
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