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Note: Y/N means your name if you didn't know hope you enjoy ^~^

Mintutes that felt like hours, you looking at the the clock not caring what the teacher is teaching, wanting to be at home in suga's arms watching movies just being with each other.... "Y\N!!! Why aren't you-" *BING BING* save by the bell! sweet! you grab all your things and to run home to find no one there....sad you go take a quick shower while drying your hair "Y\N I'm home!" you run into his arms how warm he was "i miss you." you said "i miss you too babygirl." you look down to see suga holding food and some of your favorite movies "what is all this?" you said "well our manager let us have a day off so i wanted to spend it with you babygirl." suga said smiling.~ P.S. i will also make more oneshot/fanfiction and if you want me to make a oneshot with your bias tell me in the comments. sorry if you didn't like my oneshot i will make it better. >.<

You should do all the membersπŸ‘πŸ‘ can you tag me in the next story???😊😊😊
i love it dont worry it was cute!!
love it keep tagging me ❀❀❀❀❀
@ninjamidori I'm glad you like it and i was thinking of doing all of the members too. 😊
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