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OK, So, Kagewani is not for everyone. In one of the best reviews I read about this anime, the woman said, “it was like watching a movie full of paper cutouts”…this description is very accurate. In fact, I would say it’s like paper cutout meets flash animation and they made a baby.
Flash animation is definitely my style, so naturally, it didn’t take long for me to get into this show. It is a little slow in the beginning, but gets SOO much better as it goes along. I have to say, I'm very glad I watched this anime. It may be made up of horror shorts, but it's so compelling by the time you reach the last episode you're going, "WHHHYYY AREN'T THERE MORE EPISODES?!"
Genre: Mystery/Supernatural
Animation Style: Kamishibai/ Yamishibai
Episodes: 13
Status: Complete
Rating: 6.3
Theme Song: M.S.S. Project - Arrival of Fear
Kagewani is a compilation of short horror or thriller stories. Most of them end in peril of the person seeking revenge or millions. They seem to be karama/baka (Japanese bad karma) stories. The 3rd episode is almost like M.I.B.! Kind of cheese ball, but also very creative and suspenseful. Not for the faint of heart!


Mysterious monsters that appear and attack in present time. The people can only be played with by them in this extreme situation. Why do these monsters appear to attack people...? Sousuke Banba, a scientist, searches for the truth with the keyword "Kagewani" A new feeling of panic suspense animation begins.
"Hack": A documentary crew investigates the presence of a cryptid in an sealed off island. Professor Sosuke Banba heads off to investigate the whereabouts of the UMA, but not before encountering a ruined video camera from the chain link fence perimeter.
"Ice Fang": Banba gets called in by the police after a SAR team was able to rescue Mika Kuroda, a known mountaineer and the only survivor of a mountaineering team traveling near the mountain summit to investigate what happened to her father, who went missing while doing a mountain climb.
"Return": A seaside village is mourning for one of the missing teenage divers when a mysterious squid-like cryptid shows up. Banba investigates with a fellow cryptid expert to learn about more it and how is it tied to the village.
Honestly, this episode was super boring...I'm glad they are shorts cause I pretty much just daydreamed through this one....
"Double Bow": Banba heads to the countryside to investigate the possibility of a cryptid presence in the town's sewage system. He rescues two young boys after they accidentally discovered it and were subsequently saved by a HAZMAT team armed with flamethrowers led by scientist Masaki Kimura.
"Strange Colour": A gorilla-sized, toad-like cryptid attacks a convenience store. An attendant and a customer avoid being attacked and are rescued by Masaki Kimura and his HAZMAT team. The team uses their flamethrowers to kill the creature and Kimura urges the escapees to forget what they've seen. The episode ends with Banba in front of the convenience store after the previous events. He gazes at a photo from Kimura showing the charred creature and a plea to come to his company, Sarugaku Pharmaceuticals, if he's interested in the recent appearances of the creatures. Banba is left wondering what plot Kimura has regarding the cryptids.
"Deep Abyss": As a guest on a wedding cruise through the South Pole, Banba recalls a previous conversation with Kimura where the executive requested Banba's help researching the creatures at his company and ends with Banba's refusal stating he is not interested in the creatures for monetary gain. During the cruise the video feed watching the couple, whose proposal took place in a submersible under the water, cuts out. When it returns, the pilot has fainted and the groom is left to pilot the submersible away from an enormous Creature from the Black Lagoon-like cryptid with the help of Banba and the crew at the surface. The group in the sub manage to escape due to Banba's quick thinking and the captain relates to Banba that he's seen similar creatures to the one they had witnessed today.
OK, so those are just the first few episodes to hopefully peak your interest. I don't want to be a huge spoiler so I'm stopping here with the pics and info. If you like the deep abyss and the lockness monster and so forth, then you'll enjoy these suspenseful Japanese shorts!
Kagewani theme song: this song is super awesome! I also recommend researching this band!
Again, flash really has to be your cup of tea in order to enjoy this anime thoroughly. So I'm tagging a few of my anime comrades to see what they think!
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@RosePark it is a style that is an acquired taste, I'm not gonna lie. That's why I stated it in the beginning. I've always liked shows with this particular style, I'm sure if it's because it's so old school or what, but I really enjoy the aesthetics of it. Hope you do too!
@Danse you're welcome! Thanks for offering to tag others in fun anime cards! @RosePark has really inspired me to continue with my blogging along with a few others in various other communities. I hope you will do the same! <3
I saw this and it indeed was very weird but I kept going back to watch more episodes cuz I wanted to know what was gonna happen next!
@RosePark did you enjoy it?
@KhrystinaLee It was exactly what I expected. I love any stories involving urban legends with this one having references from Loch Ness and Yeti to Japanese Mermaid. The artstyle of course one of the most unique ones out there but the animation was kind of stiff. However I was surpriced that they even pulled a solid animation with this. The storyline is fantastic with the use of mystery and tension building factors to perfection. Unfortunately, it was a shorts series and I defenitely think they could've pulled off full episodes specially with the fact that it has so much potential! I believe its one of the best shorts anime out there and it was refreshing to watch something like this where Ecchi-ness is everywhere nowadays. Those who need another opinion, definitely check it out for the storyline, artstyle and "Arrival of Fear"~