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Queen InHyun's Man Ep 13 Preview Video
Queen In Hyun's Man Preview Video Eng Subs ===================================== Hee-Jin: Hello? Mr. Sun-soo (player)? Hee-Jin pretending to be Boong-Do: How have you been doing? Soo-Kyung: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Yoon-Wol: He said the amulet will become a curse if there are other deep desires/ambitions. King: We will re-investigate last April’s (4th month of the year) incident so capture Kim Boong-Do who has committed high treason. Hee-Jin: You said you would take responsibility. You said you would. Don’t go. Credit: joonni.com kekeke I love QIHM... but looks like Ep 13 is going to be saaaaad...
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