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Following on from my card the other day and the discussion I wanted to look at how we are progressing on rights of LGBT people within the world. It makes for interesting viewing!
The fact that Ireland are one of the countries now leading the way is interesting and I wonder how long before England (being my home country) will follow suit.... Anyway comments/thoughts please? I think debate is important here!
@nicolejb Yes very frustrating but it is changing very gradually..
Wow, thank you so much for sharing this infographic, I had no idea! It's so frustrating to only see a few countries all green! :(
@shannonl5 No one is admitting to it as they really are a bunch of bloody idiots 馃槑
@Eclare looking at the numbers, it seems like only 36% of the country DID vote him in
@shannonl5 We have no chance now with this awful conservative government we have! Very frustrating when you didnt even vote them in!
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