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Alright, so I had to go to a shooting range today to feel the experience of touching a 9 mill OMG it was so awesome I also held and shot a AR 15 I love the smell of gun powder and how it felt when pressing the trigger... I'm just speechless if you are 18 and older I encourage you to with your parents or if older bring your family your grandma if you want your adrenaline too kick in. Also I know the story is a little bit short, don't hate me but I'll try my best! this part is the most cutest of all enjoy!!!! what do you guys think more action, comedy, or romance comment down below. Part 1 Part 2 Part 4
“The world is a nasty place, You know it, I know it See We don’t Have to fall from grace Put down the weapons You fight with, Like Pictures of bloody scenes Running through the floor In front of our eyes you know what to do you know how too Go ahead now.. Go! Kill them with kindness” The voices in your head screamed
You wake up, with a huge headache you open your eyes and look at your watch. “what’s Up with these dreams they’re Surreal” you say You cuddle in your fluffy white bed covers and look for your gun under your pillow. “ there you are, good..” You hear Kai say along with you “Good Morning beautiful” You automatically grab your gun and hit him with your elbow on his face while doing that you got on top of him and sustained him with your arm he was behind you on your bed without you even knowing. You point the gun to his forehead. “woah! , calm down pretty lady I’m Not here too hurt you today, You know you look so pretty when you sleep did you know that?” Kai said. “No, and stop saying stupid stuff, you were following me since I came out of work right?” you said. He replied with “Yes, those high heels make your ass bigger” he giggled. You push more your handgun onto his forehead “look I’m Not fucking playing asshole, but thanks for the compliment, look you took too much of my life already I think it’s Fair for me to kill you right now don’t you think so? “ you said. He sarcastically laughs at you and smiles, “look I’m Putting my weapons down, I don’t Want to fight you today baby..” He said, while taking his gun out of his back pocket and throws it to the floor and raises his hands. “where’s Your other gun? you have two guns and a knife where are they? You don’t Make a fool out of me” you furiously said. “OK, OK calm down, being all feisty honey i kind of Digg it.. You’re Too sexy“ he said, while he Drops his other gun and knife he slides it down the floor far away from both of you. You stare at him on every movement he makes with your nine mill handgun ready to fire pointed at his face. He raises back his hands up and says “ see I’m Not a dangerous guy, well sometimes.., now you put down your gun before I run and grab my knife and murder you” You stare at him dead in the eye while you put your handgun on the floor and kick it towards the other handguns. “your knife.. too “ he said giggling “ aish!” , you raise your shirt a little and get the knife that was hidden under your pajamas. “ can I get that from you? “ he playfully said. “ no you pervert!” you throw him a pillow on his face trying to suffocate him. “yaaaaaahh” he yells, while he throws you to the other side of the bed making his way on top of you he takes your knife away and throws it to the floor along with the other weapons that where on the floor. He said “ is it really that hard to fucking throw a knife to the floor for God sakes!” You stare At him shocked and you ask him “ what kind of relationship do we have? I’m Just wondering..?” He scratches his head and says “what kind of relationship, well more like I’m In love with a hot ass girl with a perfect body and face, and I find it attractive when she wants to try to kill me, well it’s Almost like I’m in love with a murder kind of thing? I guess? Its kind of hard to explain ” He giggles. You stare at him and ask him “How did we meet ?” “You really want to know, I can show it to you..” he smirks. “ your disgusting Kai what the fuck..” you screamed. Laughing at you he says “ yaa.. you didn’t Say that, when we met hahahaha!” You automatically push him away from you and stand up from your bed, you stretch your arms up to the sealing while standing up on your tippy toes. He looks at you and says “kyoptaaaa.. “ “ wait what, so your saying I’m your girlfriend?” you said surprised.
*ring ring!* Your phone rings you grab it from your nightstand “Unknown number” You answer and you hear Chanyeol screaming, “ yaaaahhh, why is your heart beating miles per hour, are you OK?” You suddenly hear Kai laughing his ass off you jump on the bed and try your best to shut him off you try to cover his mouth and mimic to shut up putting your fingers on your lips he giggles more you put your finger on his lips. He stares at you and bites your finger making you say “ouch!”. You punch his chest and giggles you try to get up While Chanyeol on the other side screaming “ hey are you with someone? Why are you so nervous? Are you OK? “ You giggle “Yes I’m OK I just hit my pinky by accident” trying to get up Kai grabs you and lays you back in bed. You bite his arm, and say to Chanyeol “What’s up, what’s Going on..” nervously you say while you get out of bed
Chanyeol says “ boss wants you to go at this site they’re Having this party at 10pm at a mansion dress code fancy” while walking towards the kitchen table Kai makes his way to you and wraps his arms around you giving you a back hug.
You flinch and hit him with your arm trying your best to get out of his arms he squishes you more and leans his head on your shoulder while he whispers to you on your other ear “I have to go my love”. suddenly he gives you a Peck on your ear, you blush uncontrollably while he opens the door and gives you a smirk and winks at you waving his hand and closing the door. Your heart is about to explode.
You suddenly hear Chanyeol “ did you hear me, holy shit your heart it’s about to explode are you sure you are OK?” You make up a white lie and say “ sorry I was holding my breath, since I have hiccups” you sarcastically laugh. Chanyeol asks you “ stop lying.. I’m looking at your status and it says you just lied, haha you don’t Know how to lie jeez.. anyways, make sure to be there OK and I need you too wear your ear piece please, I can monitor all the camera’s from there and anywhere by hacking them OK, Kai will probably be there since our boss will be there he’s Trying to kill him too, Another question did you get the chance to know Lay? He’s an undercover spy he’s trying to get rid of some drug dealer and we want you to be by his side, since Kai will be there. ”You both know what too do..”. He said. You respond, “Alright I’ll Be there in time I’ll Put my earpiece when I get there” Chanyeol says “Alright awesome hear you in a little bit get it ha-ha!” You stay silent and say “ that’s Not funny Chanyeol..” ---- Hangs up-----
You look at your watch and Its 9:30 pm you are ready to go you just need a few things left to do so you put your gun on your leg and your knife on the other. Your phone rings Y: “ hello?” L: “Hey it’s Lay I’m Outside already, sorry Chanyeol forgot to tell you that I was going to pick you up.. anyways I’m here outside waiting for you.” Y: “Oh alright let me just put my shoes on I’ll Be out in 4 minutes” L: “ alright see ya.. “ ---hangs up---- You turn everything off, and lock everything you grab your clutch and your keys, and close the door you go down slowly the stairs and say to yourself “God these stilettos are too high” you try your best not to fall. From afar you see Lay out side waiting, he suddenly looks at you with a priceless expression and runs up to you and says “Hi Clarissa I’m Lay nice to meet you” Y: “hi lay nice to meet you too “ L: “you look beautiful tonight “ Y:”Thank you, so nice of you..” He opens up the door for you and he helps you out with your dress, he slowly closes the door and runs up to the drivers seat. He gets inside the car and you guys drive to the party mansion.
A silence invaded the car, he turns the radio on you where so nervous you where thinking a lot of things. When he suddenly says, L: “so I’m going to explain the plan here, you are my girlfriend for a few hours while the party ends OK we will go inside the mansion holding hands when we get there we will chat a little bit with the guests, here’s The names of the guests that will be attending make sure to remind their faces”
He hands you a folder and you start to paging through the packet, he says “You see That guy there.. “ Y: “yes, Xiumin” “ yes Xiumin is the drug dealer I need to kill him, he has two body guards Baekhyun and Chen, you better be careful with them” lay said Y: “OK. Roger that “ L: “ you need to help me and distract those two guards” Y: “ alright.. “ L: “ ohh and also we are VIP guests so most of them know us.. “
You arrived to the mansion, you looked at it astonished suddenly the car stops and butlers open your door you get your act together and you get out of the car fashionably . Lay grabs your hand and says “Ready honey?” you smile and fix your dress quickly and you say back “Ready “.
While going up the concrete stairs Lay stops walking and touches his bow and says “it’s Crocked, can you fix it for me?” Y: “Yes sure..” You untie it and he smiles and looks at you tenderly he says softly “do you have a boyfriend Clarissa?” Y: “Of course he’s In front of me “ you giggled and finished tying his bow.
You put your hands on his chest and dust off some specks of cotton on his blazer. He looks at you and makes a way to your lips and softly kisses you. The Guests just stare, and walk by with a smile.
You keep your act up and go with the flow, but Inside you’re almost going crazy. You say to Lay “should we go inside darling?” Lay answers back “yes my love” you hold onto his hand He whispers “Ready?” you smile and say confident “Ready..”
This is amazing!!!
@bbyitskatie Yay! \^_^/
@drummergirl691 that is so awesome!!! and chapter 4 it's on process 👌👆💪
I am so glad my ex introduced me to target shooting. A 9mil is a bit scary at first. I fell in live with the LCP380. I know it's small, but it's the accuracy, not the power that counts in my opinion. X) I can't wait for the next chapter, BTW!!
I don't know what to think right know. Is she going to kill him or not??? This was AMAZING!!! can't wait to read more!!! can u tag me in the next story??
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