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You can't be sad when watching this video. Whether it's Hongbin lipsynching Leo's high note, him and Ravi jumping in unison, Binnie running like a mad man to the edge of the stage, Ravi leaning back against the fan girls like "yeah these be my bitches", N turning into a tired old man, Ken booking it to get back to the middle stage only to have N say one more round so he turns around and runs back, Hyuk and Leo being adorable with the fans, or N getting water poured on him. There's so many great moments in this one video and just proves how happy of a group VIXX are when performing for Starlights.
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@MaeLyn well it's a good thing I'm meeting them then cuz I gotta bring a list to tell them what girls like them from here and fandom app
@kissofdeath316 then add the fact that they all brighten my day to that.👍🏻 I probably shouldn't say I love them because I don't want to creep them out haha. I've only ever been to two concerts in my life. One was at a fair in Wyoming with ZZ Top and the other was at a fair in my old town with some unknown country band that has a guitarist from there. I really wish I could go to a Kpop concert but damn the tickets are expensive as hell.
yeah they are. I started saving up for them after Christmas. this will be my first Kcon and K-pop concert and it's out of the country. it's for my birthday tho
@kissofdeath316 well then that's one good as hell birthday present
haha I know I get six sexy men for my 27th birthday 😉