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I see so many people trying to learn Korean here but the problem is, so many are learning the wrong form. Its good that you are learning and that so many want to help each other but, many of you are trying to learn informal Korean. This could be a problem in the future for you. Most of you are younger than the people you are talking to and its also considered rude to address a stranger informally. Its best to start by focusing on Changdumal (honorific Korean) and then learn the less honorific version of the phrases after. I made a similar mistake when I was first learning too and actually offended a few people I was getting to know and ruined a chance at a friendship with them. PLEASE! Learn right to save yourself problems in the future and if you are going to teach a phrase, teach both forms or you will cause problems for your friends in the future. Korea is a culture built on respect so to maximize your experience please take my advice. Many will forgive a foreigner's ignorance for a while but, wouldn't it be better to impress them with showing proper respect? It will show you took the time and cared enough to learn right
I actually had a teacher scold me because I said "ung" instead of "ne" for yes (partially cause I was nervous, but also because I hear more people use informal language than formal) She told me she knew I didnt mean to disrespect her but that I should pay attention in the future. I still mess up sometimes but at least I recognize it right away and am able to apoligize :D
This is great to know. Will keep in mind~
Agree with you 500%!
no problem @jiggzy19... I want people to learn but I really want to save them problems later down the road
This is really really good! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out! :) <3