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Well YoungJae is the Brain of GOT7..yep that's right he is the smarty one. .not that the other members are not..they are all smart of course ..hello!? not anybody can speak 5 languages like Jackson haha. or solve a puzzled cube in less than a minute like Mark.. well we talking about YoungJae here.. I am sorry I always get carry away with well ..Youngjae was revealed to have taken the College Scholastic Ability Test last November at Kwangnam High School after which he applied for Seokyeong University a private school in South Korea and guess what?!!! he was accepted. Well he did go to school for the gifted a talented tho.....
So, when our smarty boy starts going to school he will have a very hectic schedule being an Idol and all. He will be majoring in Theater and Films.. because he will love to get into that Market in the future. Cool right? !
Hey YoungJae!! Stay in your line.. lol our vocal can be sexy too huh! The dances, the voice those moves..
See?.. our smarty boy can be sexy lol..
And his signature smile and laugh of course, how can we forget about that.. Youngjae is a Seewthaert.. he looks like one and he is one too..
remember when he was imitating Jackson. . he sounds just like him.. Jackson's face Voice.. He is our vocalist.. and he is also composer he works 12 hours practicing ...and of course we love the songs..
haha too funny with this costume. .I remember him with the bottle of water trying to drink it with the 2nd pic.. getting something sour from Mark and last pic.. he is showing off his strength hitting Jackson. .haha..
the smarty boy is looking good don't you think?
THIS guy is his favorite Hyung they even sleep together in the same bed.. can I be you YoungJae? ? just for a little while and honestly they probably hang out together a lot because JB is the other main vocalist sure the will practice together.. I really have a hard time choosing which one has a more melodious voice... .My fallen angels..
Good luck in school and work YoungJae we love you stay healthy ♡♡♡

BONUS!! YoungJae Singing..

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wow I didn't know youngjae was going to school
his voice kills me.. its so beautiful its making Jackson deaf in one ear but its ok Lol Kk its not but I love Youngjaes voice
@luna1171 Love these cards, I'm learning so much about these cuties! Can't wait to see him in his first drama or movie (Well I'm guess it would be his 2nd drama. .he was in DreamKnight right?)
Bias. Wrecker. Af.
@JamiMilsap although I think he would be into the filming not the acting tho
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