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Most times I feel like I'm the only one who is enjoying the final arc of Bleach. I don't know, I'm always going around asking people if they're reading and they usually give me the same answer that they've fallen off somewhere around the fullbring arc which is completely understandable because let's face it....that was awful. Not bount awful but still pretty bad lol.
Bach and his army of quincys have been some of the most interesting characters since the Espadas. Their abilities are so strange but awesome. You can tell Kubo has a peculiar imagination. I mean one dude is a trap, there's an all girl group who seem like pop stars and there's a guy who thinks he's Thor lol.
I really want to see more from the Gotei 13. They are always put up as the last line of defense for Soul Society, I expect more of them. Aside from that, I'm having a blast with this last arc and I think people should give it a chance because I've said it before and I'll say it again....Kubo is going out with a bang!
@DreavanMyst rumors have been going around about it but it's probably just rumors. Everyone hated how the anime ended knowing full well that this amazing war is going on
I'm kinda disappointed that they haven't announced if they are going to animate that arc or not... I'm caught up on the manga but i wanna "see" it go down in motion