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Being in a relationship is one of the best thing that can happen to you if you and your counterpart are serious about it. It's revitalizing to know that you're being with the companion of your life with whom you're gonna spend the most of your life. But sometimes the lust takes over the love you've and things can be ruined. Such things are more observed in boys. For most of the boys, physical intimacy means the only way to increase love between them. Most of the girls out there have set principles for them. They have their comfort zone in a relationship. She might like holding your hands, that doesn't mean she would like holding your dick. She might like you touching her cheeks that doesn't mean she would love if you touch her breasts. She might like you kissing her, but that doesn't mean you got the permission kiss her anywhere. Well, if she's comfortable you doing it, then you can continue doing till the boundary of her comfort zone. If you push her doing things, you're actually pushing her out of the relationship.She's your girlfriend, the girl you love, not a sex object. Respect her dignity and integrity. If you just want a relationship to have some fun and action, then find a suitable match, don't force any innocent girl to fulfill your fantasies. Lastly, if you belong to those class of boys who think that just touching her private parts would turn her on. LOL Forcefully touching her at parts and hoping that they would get turned on is a MYTH. It's a rape. And dear girls, if your boyfriend is doing something like this and forcing you for things you don't wanna do. End that relationship then and there. Remember there are no set standards of a Boyfriend-Girlfriend relationsship. It's no where written that to be a nice girlfriend you've to give him a kiss, handjob, blowjob. Your comfort matters more than his fantasies and he should respect them. Take a stand for yourself, girls. Comment down your Views
@BrittCatherspoo Not all men are same. But most of the time.
@shannonl5 exactly. moreover some innocent girls( who never had a boyfriend) doesn't know what is to be expected in a normal relationship, they've no basis for comparison and they end up doing what their boyfriend wants without saying anything even though if it's causing them discomfort. they do regret later but they wanna be a good girlfriend so they say nothing.
@shannonl5 since you're an actual feminist, am I missing something?
@NormalGuy gotcha. Sex ed is very hit or miss in the States. Some schools teach only abstinence and those programs are incredibly destructive since they don't teach anything except 'wait until marriage or else'. Some programs only deal with the potential consequences of sex but don't teach much about how to be safer and what your options are. I don't know of any programs that are state funded that deal with consent or relationships. Though California is considering requiring that
@shannonl5 I completely agree. I'm from India and here people think that sex education with teach students to have sex. wth. Even I'm a boy from India, 19 years, but I've completely different thoughts regarding the opposite sex. I want every girl to be strong enough to say a loud NO and retreat if something of discomfort is happening with them.
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