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Okay so this is my very first meme. I was watching dumb and dumber by Ikon and when I paused it B.I's face was doing this. Sorry if its not funny or if you find it disgusting.
I guess you can say my dog is the inspiration behind this
@JackieG1617 hahahaha yup basically. My dog has no sympathy for me she just leaves me as I die a painful death😂😂
@Destiny98 haha no problem errr so basically the dog plays with u and then leaves right after he farts on ur face 😂
@JackieG1617 lol I'm glad you liked it and you should be very happy your dog has never farted in your face cause let me tell ya it's not the best thing in the world. The worst part is they do it when there being all cute and cuddling with you
omg 😂 it is hilarious 👍 my dog has never farted in my face but i bet it he did i would have that same face expression