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YAS I turned 14. So let me tell you a story. It was 11:10 pm and I was lying down when I get a call from my second best friend and his name is Adarius. He called me telling me to read him smut fanfiction so I read him 2 EXO fanfictions and 1 of BTS. Then I asked him if he forgot about my birthday. He said he didn't but since he couldnt buy me anything he just called and said he wanted be the first one to say happy birthday. yeah we talked for like 2 hours cuz he didn't want me to go bed.
My first best friend Lailar made this for me because she also couldn't get me anything and since she felt bad that she wasn't the first one to wish me a happy birthday I sended her this:
HAVE AN AMAZING SUNDAY!!!!!! Birthday girl loves you guys very much!!
happy birthday. just FYI you are the same age as niece...can I make you my adoptive niece? OK have a wonderful derail birthday you are an amazing g young woman
Happy birthday!!!!!