Betany O'Neal jolted awake. She sat in the partially moonlit room, clutching her thick comforter against her stomach. Had she heard a crashing sound, or had she just been dreaming? She waited. She listened. Her heart thumped loudly against the silence. Nothing. Her shoulders started to slacken. "Creak!" A door whispered from downstairs. Betany covered her mouth and bit back the scream that threatened to escape her throat. Quickly and quietly, she threw back the covers, slid out of bed, and grabbed her aluminum bat from beside her nightstand. She clutched it with fervor as she softly crept to the pitch black hallway. Another slight creaking sound from the eighth step up the stairs. She pushed forward, ignoring the quaking of her terrified core. Betany's throat was dry and tight, and she swallowed involuntarily. She froze, hoping that it had not been noisy enough to reveal her presence. She heard a voice from the gloom-- a deep, strangely fluid chuckle, rising like slow tide. Close. So close, she could reach out and touch it. She braced herself, ready to swing the bat with all her might. Suddenly, fingers wrapped solidly around her neck and shoved her into the wall, knocking the bat from her hands. Betany desperately clawed at the thick fingers locked around her throat. Tears welled up and spilled down the sides of her face. *I can't die like this!* she thought, fighting harder and kicking wildly into the darkness. Kicks landed, but only feebly. "My, ARE a feisty one, aren't you?" Masculine, bemused laughter drowned her ears, as she gasped for air. As abruptly as it had clutched her, the hand around her throat released her. She crumpled to the floor bewildered and frightened. A moment later, she was crawling...stumbling...running to her room, to her nightstand, opening the drawer, snatching up the .308 pistol, pointing it at the shadowy figure between herself and the hallway, and pulling the trigger. The man fell backwards, against her bedroom wall. Betany felt a sickening swell in her stomach. *Oh, my god! I just shot somebody* Her hands fell to her side, and the gun dropped to the floor with a soft *thunk, thunk*. Betany dropped to her knees. The sickening swell overwhelmed her and rushed up and out and all over the carpet in front of her. She wiped her mouth with her pajamas sleeve and clutched her stomach tightly. "I just...killed a man." Even saying it aloud didn't quell the shock. She held her hands up in the moonlight. "I can't believe..." "You didn't," the slumped silhouette groaned. "But you're gonna wish you had!"
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I'm intrigued and waiting.
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ahh this is good馃槉馃憣馃憤 is there going to be any romance in this story or no?? tag me in the story
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