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Earlier this morning I found out that someone on here has blocked me. Me, wanting to know what I did, tried to contact her but it didn't work. [She blocked me on accident, but I decided to keep this card up. Just in case] I got to thinking about other people I may have hurt.. For that,

I sincerely apologize

it was never my intention to hurt anyone. I'm really sorry if I've offended someone through my messages, cards, or comments. I really am sorry. I know I'm not the best person, but if I have hurt you, I'd like you to tell me what I did wrong, so that way I know not to do that mistake again. Once more,

I'm So Sorry.

Thank you guys a lot! The person talked to me and told me it was on accident.. 😅 I'm sorry for worrying you all. @Ercurrent @MadAndrea @KellyOConnor @MeghanJorgina @QueenLele @KpopGaby @ILikeHisFace123
I want friends like u guys you guys are caring people ^_^
I have no clue what you could've done. I've never seen anything rude or offensive from you. Try not to worry. How do you find out someone blocked you?
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