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A summer stroll like this, I need it.
How is the weather there @carlosdang ? Will you be able to take a stroll anytime soon? (^_^)
The weather cleared up and it was sunny for like two days. And now it's raining and gloomy again lol Korean weather is horrible! Hopefully we'll get some sun for the weekend. How's Chicago now @YinofYang ?
@carlosdang Fascinating. Fascinating because certain places all seem to be reflecting each other when it comes to the weather. Well, it was in the 80s just a couple of days ago and then it dropped to the 50s. Today's high is a whopping 53F/11C. It's not bad, though. Cloudy with sun, windy, and I got to take a lot of pictures of the flowers around my house. :) I hope your weather for this weekend is good.