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1. Undertaker(Black Butler) I'm always laughing and look for a good laugh. I also laugh loud and crazy like him xD 2. Sanji(One Piece) I can be the most silliest person you could ever meet but I can turn serious in a milisecond. 3. Arisa Uotani(Fruits Basket) I act very tough. I'm also very protective of my friends. I tell them if someone messes with you tell me I wont hesitate to confront them. I'm aslo very caring and loving at the same time.
Arisa Uotani
1. Gray, because I love the cold 2. Black*Star, because I always loud and can be slightly annoying 3. L, because I'm a genius!!!
Mey-Rin (Black Butler ) Rize (Tokyo Ghoul) Tsubaki (Soul Eater)
Yato, Lucy, and Hiyori
Nana Osaki (Nana) - someone told me I look though on the outside because of how I dress but I'm really kind, sarcastic and cruel sense of humor like her. Son Gohan (Dragon Ball) - I'm shy and kind of intellectual like him. I don't like to fight but I'll fight for the ones I want to protect. Death the Kid (soul eater) - mature and slightly ocd
@Matsumoto Hahahaha very nice lol 😊
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