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so I was on Facebook and say this quiz from Koreaboo. I love taking quizs for fun I even took a quiz about where should you live. I got Seoul, South Korea and I would meet my soul mate. I didn't think it was a big deal until I tokk five more times and received the same results. Anyway when I took this quix on if the could guy who my crush was I was shocked big time on who it was.
Yup thats right I got Jin oppa (he is a few months older than me unlike the rest if the boys :( ) I was shocked! I was thinking the this quiz was goibg to guesd someone completely different. Lately I have listened to BTS none stop. I was like this when I started to listen to B2st. But with BTS I just can't stop listening to them. Maybe its becuse everyone in BTS is simlar in age with me. Anyways if you take this quiz let me know on who you get. I was really happy to get Jin oppa.