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OH MY GAAAAAWWWD!! love this picture he looks look at that jaw line.. Well let's start by saying that Park Jinyoung got his Nickname officially changed to JR. this past year.. because he share the exact same name as JYP his boss haha you know Park Jin Young?? haha. So he became JR. like Dad Sr. and Son JR...Aaawww that's so cute.. well the Boys call him Jirongie and even eomma (mother)..hehe
yes he is the mother of the group.. charge of teaching Korean language and culture to the foreign team.. Yes JR. is another smarty boy.. they all are.. seriously JYP only like geniuses working for him haha..Jr. is a book Worm, so you go figured. . and together with Yugyeom they are in change of GOT7 choreography. .cool huh!
Yep.. eomma punish them and also takes care of them..
haha.. as as usual there is always a thing with Jackson and of course it has to be of course cause of Mark.?? haha Jelous Jackson. .JinYoung " they're both the same" haha they both have same interest. .MARKIE-POO ..hahaa
Again something and Oemama enjoy getting Jackson upset cause of his roomate haha..Hey Jinyoung!!. .Jackson Marked territory there long time ago okay? ?..ok.. enough with the drama... oh talking about drama.. that's Jr. ultimate goal.. become an actor.. he is currently filming " Snowflakes" .
some scene of the movie there... and he has worked on the following dramas:" Dream High 2" " When a man falls in love" and "My Beloved Eun-Dong" and for Dream High end released his OST song " We are the B".
and you all know that he started with Lim JaeBum on the JJ project Then GOT7 got formed.
WE can deny he is a cutie. .hey! they all are.. GOT7 is a band of Gorgeousness. .they are all so handsome and beautiful even pretty ...aaah well there is no words for such a beauty in a man so we have to call them like that..haha. I just noticed JR. looks like Seo Kang Joon. Mini me..haha
oh oh he makes me cry.. I need him in more dramas
I say he looks more like Kim SooHyun and Rain Oppa, but I suppose Seo KangJoon share some features