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You wake up one morning, you look at the clock, it said that it is 6:30... You get up and start to get ready for school.. You thought to yourself, I should look cute today... You get there and you see your crush walking by, you just look down but he accidentally bumps into you.. You look up and see him, "Oh, Excuse me." you smile and nod as you walk away.... Your at your first class and you sit in the far back... Alone, until, you hear foot steps walking towards you. You hear a shaking voice spoke, "Is someone sitting here.." you look over to your left, you see that it's your crush, you froze but you told him no... you felt yourself blushing. you felt a warm touch on your shoulder, "I'm Park Jimin, who are you?" you look towards him, "I'm (Y/N)". He smiles as he says, "Nice to meet you." You see he has his hand out for you to grab and shake... You take the opportunity and shake his hand.. He smiles as he turns back around. During the rest of the class, you kept thinking to yourself, Should I talk to him? Should I shake his hand? you didn't know what to do... School is done for the day.. You were heading home until you heard a fight happening.. You run towards the noise of yelling, punching and kicking.. You see it's Jimin fighting some other guy... You stand there in shock, not knowing what to do... You see Jimin knocked out on the floor, you run over to him and see that he had a bloody nose and a few bruises, plus a black eye.. You put his arm your shoulders, trying to hold him with all your strength.. You get home and set Jimin down on your bed.. As he was resting you go and grab some medicine, bandages and a ice pack.. You into your room and see him all torn up, you thought to yourself,poor thing as you set an ice pack on his right eye.. He jumps up, "Hey! what am i doing here?" He yelled. You tell him, "its okay, your safe here Jimin..." he lays back down as he touches his forehead, "Aisshhh my head hurts.." you smile and give him a kiss on his forehead..He looks back up at you.. And smiles as he blushes, "Well thank you for taking care of me.." he whispered as he puts his hand through your hair... You smile back, "No problem, Jimin.."
He looks up at you with a grin and a cocked eyebrow, "What happened to me?"
"You were in a fight with a guy and you knocked out.." You told him.. Jimin all of the suddent looked sad. "Will I be okay?" He asked you with puppy eyes..You smirk and told him,"Yes, but your eye may feel weird and throbbing so if it feels moist and squishy, then that means it's healing.." He closes both of his eyes as he tells you something,"Hey, come closer" You lean in and all of the sudden you wrapped around by his arms and you felt him nuzzing into your neck and shoulder..He whisperes into your ear, "Thank You, No one takes care of me.." After he said that you a sniffling noise. You pull Jimin back and see him tearing up a bit..You wipe his tears.
"Don't cry, I'll take care of you, but you have to keep quiet, my parents are down stairs.." He looks at you and smiles, as you look into his eyes, he tells you something, "You have beautiful eyes, I like the way there are shaped.." "Thank you, Jimin." You told him as you blush. He puts his cold hand on the side of your face, touching your right cheek.. You blush even harder.
"Awww, your blushing, That's cute.." You look at him and see him going in for a hug.. He hugs you tight and doesn't let go of you for the rest of the night..
Ugh... I hate myself right now......
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Lol every time they say something I try to say it in Korean xD to make it sound more real, but Idk that many words lol but for "aaissshhh my head hurts" I was like "aiisshhh meori ga appayo" (I think thats right xD, heard it in Bingle Bingle by BigBang)
Me please
@sarahdarwish Your welcome 馃槉
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