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Good news everyone, the second round of the NFL Playoffs is on the way soon!
This weekend we have a great matchup, as AFC titans clash as the New England Patriots take on the Denver Broncos. On the fence and worried you will pick the wrong team in your pick em leagues? Have no fear! I will help you pick the right team for this weekends big game.
The Patriots have a tall order today in facing the Broncos in Denver to go to the Superbowl, but if anyone can pull this off, it's Tom Brady.
In regards to health, New England is as healthy as they have been all playoffs. Edelman and Patrick Chung will be available in today's game.
Offensively, Tom Brady has been sensational in the playoffs. The Broncos are a pressure based defense, but Brady is getting the ball out in 2.4 seconds. It's almost impossible to get to him right now. They have the speed on the perimeter to beat you at any moment. Gronkowski has been unstoppable this year as well. He is incredibly hard to get down and will the Pats will look to get him the ball early and often.
Defensively, the Pats have been solid all year. To make matters a bit easier, Manning has been less than stellar all season. At the moment, he has struggled throwing the ball deep and outside the numbers. Look for the Pats to jam at the line, bring pressure and make him make the tough throws.
This will be a close one for sure, but the Pats will pull this one out in a narrow victory 24-21.

Who Do you think will win this weekends matchup: The Broncos or the Patriots?

Nothing else matters XD
The Patriots are going home! HURRAY!!
lmao XD
@Straightshooter No I do......from all the comments you wrote about shitting on the Pats hahahahaha
@mchlyang Dude you have no idea XD
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