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Laughter fills the air
It squeezes my heart tight
Your little smile flashes
Its wattage like a sun to my soul
I gaze upon your sleeping form
Run my fingers through your tiny curls
Bend down kiss your forehead
Whisper Goodnight Angel
You are my world
My hope and legacy
Perfect in everyway
Innocence so pure
Untainted by the harsh realities
Carefree and full of life
My fearless wonderboy
My superhero at the age five
You save my soul everyday
With your soft caresses
Your words of unconditional love
The trust in your eyes
My mirror image
And complete opposite
Laughter squeezes my heart
Smiles lighten my soul
Your love melts
And saves me from my jaded reality
I love you my son
Sweet dreams til tomorrow
I wrote this poem 3 years ago on my son's birthday for him. Hope you enjoy
Oh my god, this is the sweetest thing I've read for a long time... I can't imagine how beautiful it must be to be a mother. Incredible. Thanks for sharing these sweet words :)
Beautiful and tender...I love it!