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I stumbled across this one and felt obligated to share as I know a lot of people on Vingle love Broadway.
This weekend was NYC's BroadwayCon (think comic con, but for Broadway.)
Broadway lovers from all over the world are celebrating live theater in New York City for the first ever gathering of Rentheads, Hamilfans and everything in between. The event allowed fans the opportunity to witness incredible performances and to hear from hand-picked panelists about their experiences on stage, and off. You also were allowed to attend panels, discussions, shows, workshops, and more with the industry鈥檚 leading performers and creators.
Due to the blizzard I was unable to travel to NYC to attend the event, but I'm sure some of my Broadway loving Vinglers were in attendance. If so feel free to share how the event went with a comment below!
I will DEFINITELY be in attendance next year, I can't wait!
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I KNOW I WISH I COULD'VE GONE UGH anyone else see this? freaking out a bit because my favorite Hamilton people were there. @TessStevens @marissabergman @wolvenladykita @EmeraKitsune @Claymorex @quietone @luvbroadway @MooshieBay @ShadowAnggel87 @caitlind9898 @NerukaWong @RaquelArredondo @szewwy @MooshieBay @caitlind9898 @reyno @dalihla
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Why am I just now hearing about this!!??
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I heard about it last week, but like I'm ready for this to be a thing across the country now please. @szewwy I heard they reunited the original RENT cast (SOBS)
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I would totally go as the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. 馃槏
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