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Omg like I am seriously sad because I been waiting for them to comeback... but it's not going to happen! DX what went so wrong?! smh poor babies.. I love their song "Mama Beat" that's my ish.. I'm going to miss them sigh' I hope all of them to stay happy and healthy and I hope they can find something else to do that will make them happy.. Whatever it is I will still support them :) they were so cool man.. that sucks. Some of you knew LC9 right? Those who don't know them and didn't listen to their song "Mama Beat" you should listen to it and watch the mv, totally daebakk :)
Here is the link~
Here is the original mv
Here is the dance ver of mama beat
Its a catchy song :3 its too bad im just finding out about them now, since they're disbanding ;-; i wish i had found out about them earlier >.<
I wonder why I've never heard of them before, They are so good. Now I'm depressed. πŸ˜”
I just got into this band 😦
Awww....that&#39;s saddening....
What. Mama Beat was my jam. 😟
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