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You push him back with anger.. "How could you say that Jackson!!!!" You yell at him..
"I said I'm sorry....I..I mean it, I truly am sorry.." He told you as he look down. You walk over to Jackson lift his chin, and you slap him, hard. He puts his hand on his cheek in shock.."How can you do that?" You just walk back inside and you were about to close the door until, Jackson puts his foot on the door..."Hey, let's talk about baby...We can work things out.." You turn around and open the door, pushed him outside and lock the door as fast as you can...
You wait to see him leave but he doesn't he keeps knocking on the door, but you don't..
After about half an hour, He slips a piece of paper with ink on it, bfeore you pick it up, you look through the window to make sure he's leaving, he already did. You pick up the note and it says,

"Look babe, I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you and I understand if you don't believe me. I just never knew how to love someone because no has ever loved me..I lied.. I lied to you about having alot of girlfriends...I only had one girlfriend in my life, but she died because she committed suicide and I never got to stop her or even tell her goodbye, I miss her deeply, You guys would probably would have been great friends. But things happen for a reason right? But what I'm trying to say is... I don't want to hurt you, I just want us to be friends, Can we have a fresh start over? That'd be nice. (Y/N), Your special and I don't know why I had negative feelings towards you, but I just did. I'm Sorry."-Jackson Wang---

You felt bad after what you have done but he thought to yourself, he should too...
About nightfall, the moon and the stars were out, the sun is sleeping... You decided to walk over to the skateboard as you expect where Jackson would be... You see him and yell out, "Jackson!!!" He turns around to see you and he smiles as he runs over to you and he hugs you tightly as he nuzzles his head into your neck.. "Umm, Are okay Jackson?" you ask with your shaking voice because it was really cold outside..Jackson pulls you back and sees that your beautiful, smoothe lips turn into pale blue lips..He takes off his jacket and wraps it around you as he puts his arm around you and guides you over to his skateboard...He puts out his hand, "Come here.." he told you.. You walk over and he makes you stand up on his skateboard...He pushes you slowly while holding your left hand and his right hand in on your right hip... "I'm scared that I'm gonna fall!!" you shouted out.
"I won't let you fall, (Y/N), The only time I'll let you fall is for falling in love with me.." He said as he giggled. You felt how his hands got even more sweaty and there were also trembling a lot.
"Your nervous, Aren't you Jackson?" "No!..Well...Maybe" He said as he looked away from you.
"Why nervous?" He looks at you with big eyes and pouty, full lips"Your making me nervous with your beauty.." You blush as you psuh him away flirtingly when he smiles... You both were distracted and you fell onto Jackson because of a rock. Luckily he caught you wih his arms wrapped around you. He gets up and wipes the dirt off of him and then he grabs your hand and dusts you off until he sees you had a little scrap on your left knee, He's in shock. He picks you up bridal style and brings you over to a bench. "Your lucky I have a first aid kit or else you would have died into my arms."he tells you jokingly as he wraps your leg with a bandage. You blush because he is touching your leg with his hand. After he's done you get up to walk home but you just limp. "Want me to take you home, Babe?" "Sure, Jackson that'd be nice of you." Jackson holds your hand and walks you home, You get there shortly. He walks you to the door, "Umm Hey Babe I was wondering if you'd like to hang out with me tomorrow at the movies?" He asked you shyly. "Like a date?" You ask him cutely. He looks up at you and responds, "If you want it to be like that Babe but yes." "Then Yes I'd love too, Jackson" He grabs your hand and wraps his arm around your waist and kisses you with his lips...
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