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are you a v.i.p as well? if so comment your bias and why you love them!
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GD is my boo. he is incredibly alluring for many reasons. 1. the IT factor: he has so much swag, charm and talent oozing from every pore. natural born celebrity. he reminds me of Prince sometimes. and I love Prince! 2. He is beautiful. period. 3. he is shy, humble, and always works hard. 4. he is very genuine artist. he loves art in all forms and I respect and admire that about him
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They're all babes so it's hard to pick 😅
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GDragon baby! 1.hes GDragon 2.hes perfect 3.hes GDragon 4. His smile is the 8th wonder of the world 5.hes a sweetheart 6. Hes gdragon
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But I love them all
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@Jiyongixoxo ditto to your list
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