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I see a TON of articles online listing all of the ways you know you found the one. How you know if he's into you; the 10 ways he treats you right. And thats all well and good, but in times when dating has somehow transformed into a consistent booty call I think we also need to remind ourselves that not everything can (or should) be forgiven.

So here are the TOP 3 reasons you need to break up with him right now!

1. He never hits you up first.

Yes, this sounds so silly and basic but stick with me for a second. No one wants to be in a relationship where they feel like they are putting in all of the effort. It shouldn't feel like you have to pull teeth to have a conversation, set up a date, or just check in with each other and you should defiantly never feel ANNOYING just because you wanna chat. Texting is the easiest thing in the world and you know he texts his friends so texting you to check in is a nice way of showing he cares. If he doesn't (even after you bring up this issue) there is an issue.

2. He puts you down.

Relationships are all about honesty so if you are wrong or are being a tad crazy, they have a right to tell you. However, disagreeing and putting you down, alone or in public, is NOT okay. Calling you stupid, bitch, insane or just making it seem like you are below him in any area is an instant red flag. Relationships are suppose to be equal and if he doesn't view you as that now, he never will. You do not have to earn his respect, a decent guy will give it to you instantly.

3. Hes a terrible fucking drunk.

Drinking certainly isn't the end all be all of relationships. However, if you are dating someone who becomes a mean drunk, starts fights with you, or GOD FORBID hits you, cut that shit right now. Haven't they always said drunk actions speak sober thoughts?
THIS IS AWESOME. @LizArnone you're givene totally stellar advice here. Mutual love and mutual respect – nothing is more important than that!
@AlloBaber THANKSSSSSSSS friend!! from queen love bug herself that means a lot !!