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I hope to find the reasons....
@YinofYang we do get most of the blockbuster movies but we keep on missing some! Like Perks! they're either shown at very few theaters and/or never come out at all. Also, movies come out really late!! I saw Hunger Games a month after the rest of the world did! I think this is due to putting the Korean subtitles
@shoenami Really? How so? Do all the movies that come out here, come out there or no? I've never really known.
@YinofYang I haven't seen any of the scenes and I don't know how to watch it! lol Being in Korea really messes up my movie-watching
@shoenami I knew you weren't. I have seen a few scenes, but I need to sit down and watch it.
@carlosdang I will!^^ But i'm afraid I have to resort to downloading it XD @YinofYang don't worry love.. won't be spoiling anything for ya!
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