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Well Vingle, as part of October's desire to be more social and recruit new minio--meet new people, I am trying to decide how to be more active in these groups. Some ideas I've had are sharing art (OC characters, fan art, and some of my writings), life slogans and my personal sarcasm dictionary (because surely I fascinate you all and you are just dying to know that stuff about me), talking about comics, books, anime, and games I love, hate, play etc...basically a review-ish style thing. Or explore more of my Gothic and dark humor side. Let me know the kind of things you guys would interested in (and which collection you follow since this we be published in multiple so I can better target the people that want to see this content)
yes I do play league
you play league right?
I'd love to see some of your thoughts on games! whether you love them or hate them, it's aaaaaallllllll good
I think the best way to start is to think about what you like and share that! So if you're really into anime, lots of people here are looking for recommendations so reviewing your favorites would be really helpful! Every community is different so seeing what other people are sharing with their communities will give you an idea of what everyone there likes :D