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I am a native to Colorado and I love it! It's my favorite state, as it should be, but for reasons like this. I can just drive to the Red Rocks Amphitheater and take in my surroundings. Fun little fact, I performed at Red Rocks with my old band! What are some things you love about your state? @thepinkprincess @nicolejb @tessstevens @maddie27 @ercurrent @kpopandkimchi @shannonl5 @danidee @alywoah And let me know if you want to be tagged in this!
This is really cool! I love that they were able to incorporate the natural surroundings and make it a part of the venue!
I LOVE RED ROCKS SO MUCH AND I MISS IT SO MUCH. AND IM SO JEALOUS YOU PERFORMED THERE. ugh. haha I did yoga on the rocks once, and Ive been to a movie on the rocks, but my favorite thing about Red Rocks is the amount of people that go there just to exercise/run up the stairs. only in Colorado!! haha TAG ME PLS
Your photos are amazing! I haven't really though about what makes my state special- it's always been about the people for me :D
tag me !! I'll be glad ... and a nice collection of pics u got there !
Oh my gosh you are so cute!! I'm from Georgia so something I love about it is how green it is. Even in winter a lot of the trees are still green and for most of the year there are flowers everywhere. I love that:)
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