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I finished this series around 3 a.m. and I loved it! So, the anime is based on this girl, Haruka Kotoura, who has psychic abilities. As a child Kotoura had friends but soon become friendless when she unintentionally ended friendship by reading her friends minds and embarrassing them. Naturally, Kotoura was sent to be looked at and was then abandoned by her mom and dad, ultimately leaving her to live with her Grandpa. Later, Kotoura transfered to another school, where she made new enemies and a speckle of friends. Manabe, a guy who is interested in Kotoura, takes a interest in her and this leads her to making friends with Yuriko, Mori and Muroto. Together these friends go on adventures to together and allow Kotoura to find self-worth in herself.
Amazing anime 😊
very nice
@AnimesimsPink right! i enjoyed it very much
I loved this Anime
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