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If you're like me aka unmarried, you kind of always wonder what it will be like. I mean we all picture our weddings, beautiful gown and smashing tux, amazing food, a vodka fountain, but do we actually picture the forever that comes after it?
Can you even wrap your mind around forever? Because thats a long ass time.
Thankfully buzzfeed helped us out! They took two very very single friends and had them get married for a week. And let me tell you, the video is AWESOME!
Check it out below!
Marriage seems to consist of"
- brushing your teeth together
- figuring out how to get over fights
- and a shit ton of wine!!
But in all seriousness I liked that the "experiment" showed that marriage is very much like a friendship. You have to trust each other, be comfortable around each other, and have each others backs.
And one of the most important things to figure out is how to enjoy alone time even when you are together.
All in all, it defiantly made me a lot less nervous about the whole forever thing.

What about all you married Vingle folk? Any marriage advice for us?

Bahahaha @ShinigamiSan single as a pringle on Vingle XD I love it. This is super hilarious experiment. I think it almost kind of makes sense to do it with friends, because say you have one of those friend pacts where you decide if you're both single at 40, you'll just marry each other XD I feel like this is kind of what it'd be like!!
This video was so sweet! I'm single as a pringle on Vingle, so I got no advice. It seemed like these two already knew each other, like they were already friends before the experiment. It might have been funnier if this was done with complete strangers.
@ShinigamiSan oh it totally would have been so much funnier OR AWK with people who weren't friends
ok, this is so cute and they should get married in real life. I ship this.